The Sun Goddess said “Yes!”

This was the first time that “The Sun Goddess” let me practice Reiki on her AND... she actually asked for it!

This morning was like most mornings.... waking up to the beauty of Montana, that which I don’t think I’ll ever tire of, drinking a big glass of water, getting my coffee started and waiting to see if “The Sun Goddess“ was going to eat her breakfast...

You see, as I am an HSP ”Highly Sensitive Person”... “The Sun Goddess” is an HSA “Highly Sensitive Animal“ in the best sense. My husband often calls her my mini me... “Blonde, Female & Highly Sensitive” ... tuned in to every nuance. Which is quite an accurate description!

And once again, she was not going to eat this morning. Typically she’s a good eater depending on the day and situation. I find that the later I feed her dinner or even offer her a night time snack, she’ll be more apt to chowing down in the morning.

However, I made sure to do all of this last night and still “no dice” this morning, but as soon as I sat down in a comfy spot with my coffee in hand, there she was... not just asking but full on jumping into my lap, twirling around, snuggling in and making herself at home... this is not typical... only when she’s needy. Usually it’s my husband’s lap she goes for first and was actually sitting with him before this.

She snuggled in and had a bit of a pathetic look to her and licked my hand ever so gently. I gave her a pet and realized, she was asking for more...

so I gently laid my hands on her and called Reiki in.

As I write this, it brings a welling up of joy for the gratitude of this experience!

I’ve attempted Reiki on her in the past and she was having none of it. She would never sit still long enough for me to work with her. Animals are sentient beings too and must be allowed to give permission. So, I’ve always respected that.

During our session of about 20-30 minutes, I placed my hands in different areas and started feeling sparks of energy and sensations.

It was a wonderful experience and by the end, she was up running around and playing fetch...

and what do you know? She ate her breakfast!!