At CORE Massage Therapy & Wellness, an extra half hour of time is allotted for each appointment.

A few minutes to discuss your needs for that day, go over any progress or set backs, a few minutes to undress to your comfort level, our full session time which will be 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes, a few minutes to awaken on the table, redress and discuss your session or go over any suggestions (if desired).  

This is a place of wellness and my goal is for all clients to have a non-hurried, stress free experience.

This is your time for healing and it must be given that respect.



60 Minute Session -

CORE Basic

60 minutes allows for an overall Swedish Relaxation massage
specific focus areas
for Deep Tissue.


75 Minute Session -

CORE Standard

The #1 choice! 

75 minutes allows for a more complete massage session.

(Give it a try and experience

the difference!)

Includes hot towels & essential oils (if desired).

Sports massage on leg

90 Minute Session - $120

CORE Escape
Fix & Bliss Session!

For the most benefit on my table, I recommend the 90 minute session.  This allows time for the whole body to be addressed as well as problem areas.

Includes hot towels & essential oils (if desired).