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About Us

Welcome to Core Lodge, Montana

We're happy you're here!

Meet the crew...



Owner, Reiki Practioner & Lyme Warrior

Leslie was diagnosed with

Chronic Lyme Disease in 2010.

It wasn't a simple diagnosis.

Visiting multiple doctors with no answer... 

she had an innate desire to figure it out for herself.


After exhaustively searching,

she finally did just that

and discovered a wealth of

healing knowledge in the process.

Follow her blog,

"Life with Lyme" for more info.


You can also 

Book a healing Reiki Session

or Individualized Consultation with her

on the 'Book Sessions' page.


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The Sun Goddess

Core Lodge Mascot

Sun Seeker & Empathic Healer

One of the many rescues by

Tim, Core Lodge Manager.

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'Gimpy' The Deer

Core Lodge Mascot

Gimpy became our "Outdoor Mascot" during

Thanksgiving of 2020. 

With a broken leg & abandoned by his pack, he was in need of a blessing...

We feel blessed and grateful everyday for this special buck!

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Tim the Toolman

Core Lodge Manager


Resident Animal Whisperer

Tim keeps Core Lodge running well & looking beautiful.

He also has a knack for finding animals in need...

or more accurately, they find him!

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